January 13th, 2014

badgePursuit Policy Workshops

Over 1,500 Pursuit Policy Workshops were held in almost every state in 2009-2013. The four-hour pursuit policy workshop provided guidance for officers. Training included:

  • Factors to consider when initiating a vehicular pursuit.
  • Comparison and validation of law enforcement policies pertaining to pursuits with a model policy from the IACP.
  • Methods to successfully conclude a vehicular pursuit.

The workshop was designed to provide law enforcement officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and successfully conduct vehicular pursuits.

The grant that funded the in-class workshops ended on December 31, 2013. In anticipation of this happening, IADLEST created an E-Learning program to continue the success of the grant. A link to the site for the online course can be found on the E-Learning tab at the top of the page.


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